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What Clients Say


I want to thank you for all you have contributed to my well being and weight loss. Your way of explaining ..is very easy to understand. You make it almost easy to change eating habits. I have lost 25 lbs so far and though I would not say it was effortless, it was and is fun to see the changes in me. Thank you for having such an impact on my life.     ~P. F., Lynchburg, Virginia

Cynthia’s calm, kind and non-judgmental demeanor is evident in every encounter I have with her which is extremely comforting. She has equipped me with many useful strategies that I am using to make better food choices when such occasions prove challenging. I am beginning to address feelings of guilt and frustration … I am using many of the tools with success. I feel that I am constantly surrounded and cushioned by her words of wisdom so that when I start to drift, her advice gives me the nudge to stand tall and be strong.  Making the first appointment with Cynthia was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I am getting on the right track for a healthier me!   ~C. W., Healthcare Professional, Charlottesville, Virginia


Totally life changing – I came in wanting to learn more about my physical body but feel like I am leaving with a much broader and deeper understanding of my Self.  ~Joyce, Career Counselor

This is where we are all headed in the wellness community, and the more people we have doing this type of work the better.  ~Irene, Wholistic Health Counselor

Adrienne Jamiel is a wonderful instructor. Her method is extraordinary. She is dynamic, creative, fun and extremely knowledgeable. She makes complex concepts simple and real. She has a lovely giving presence. To have her teach was a gift..  ~Randy, Yoga Instructor

Definitely life changing.  ~Belinda, Consultant and Shamanic Practitioner


I thoroughly enjoyed working with you in the past, you made the process intriguing, challenging and rewarding. I think that I’ll always hold you up as the “gold standard” to which I compare any other provider that I’ve worked with.  ~F. C., engineer - Baltimore, Maryland

..your calm facilitation, inspiring insights, your direct and gentle probing, your sense of humor that can lighten the moment and your openness invites a level of safety and trust that evokes acceptance and deep sharing.  ~C. H., Virginia

A teacher, a coach, and a friend ~ N. B., professor -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you again for your guidance and your gentle way. I felt safe and not judged by you and I greatly appreciate that in you.  ~P.H., yoga teacher - Buckingham, Virginia

Thanks for the excellent counseling and education. I’ve lost 23 lbs and have never felt better. It goes to show that even a travel and food writer with irregular hours who’s surrounded by food can do it!  ~J. P., travel and food writer, Illinois





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