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Take care of yourself now.  The Hygeia Center is all about self-care and early intervention to prevent health challenges and restore wellbeing.  We want you to actualize your abundant, vibrant and healthy life!  We invite you to use the Hygeia Center as a catalyst and partner on your wellbeing journey.

  • Personal Assessment 

     The journey starts where you are. Clarifying your vision of wellness is a great first step. What does healthy vitality feel like? Look like? Self-assessment tools can clarify where you are now compared to where you want to be. They are tools of awareness. We offer an online Wellness Inventory and several other self assessment tools you could download and take on your own at no cost.

  •  Menu of Self-Health-Care Learning Opportunities

      Self-Health-Care are the things we can learn to do for ourselves to prosper and thrive! Both self-care and professional care contribute to wellbeing. We offer  self-care experiences in the areas of nutrition, stress reduction and quieting the mind. 

  •  Integrative Health Coaching

       An integrative health coach can assist you  in getting focused on what matters most to you. Health coaches employ skillful means to partner with you to reach your aims. they can help you dodge the inner and outer barriers or hurdles you may encounter. Working with a health coach you may realize your dreams and meet your goals faster or more sustainably.

  •  Tools for Healthy Living

       Resources for optimum health


Cynthia Moore specializes in deep listening, coaching, and partnering with clients to quicken their own inner resources for health and happiness.    

Cynthia Moore MS, RD, CDE
Founding Director
Hygeia Center for Wellbeing



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